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She is that lady who walks around in public in activewear but doesn’t exercise – gah! Regardless, Feeling Fit is the ideal companion for that friend who loves a self-help book, exercise vlogs and treating oneself to pampering ‘cause it benefits their well-being.

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Altina Alcohol-Free Cocktail

(750ml) Some of the best things in life are free – just like this alcohol free cocktail! Altina captures the essence of natural ingredients, without relying on excess sugar, fruit juices, or artificial colours and flavours – eww! Serve chilled with accompanying garnishes – oh so fancy!

Mayde Tea: Earl Grey

An invigorating blend for lovers of black tea. A classic blend of certified organic Sri Lankan black tea infused with organic bergamot oil. This Earl Grey tea is hand blended and rumour has it, it’s so fancy the queen drinks this on the daily.

Mixed Bag Original Chai

(250g) Mixed Bag Original Chai Blend uses authentic Assam tea leaves, eight of the finest quality masala spices combined with fresh Aussie ginger, all naturally preserved in vanilla infused Victorian stringy bark honey.

Wondaree Honey Macadamias

(50g) We are nuts about Wondaree Macadamias. Grown on the Atherton Tablelands in sunny Queensland by Greg and Wendy. These hit the sweet spot — roasted in honey, the nuts emerge as golden chunks of colour with a sweet oven crunch.

Black Blaze Candle

Inspired by Australian nature, Black Blaze is pure opulence. Hand-poured using premium ingredients, these wooden wick candles burn for 45 hours.

Clary Sage: Inject a sense of comforting warmth into your home with notes of eucalyptus, lavender, sage and citrus. Be reinvigorated by this candle’s deliciousness.

Bush Walk: A memorably delicate blend of pine, citrus herbal, green grass and eucalyptus that is perfect for any room. Why go outside when it can come to you.

Vetiver & Fig: A sweet and calming blend of vetiver, cedarwood, moss and fig. This candle provides freshness to help you unwind, relax and chill out!

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Candle: Bush Walk, Candle: Clary Sage, Candle: Vetiver & Fig


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