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Must or Bust? What promotional merchandise says about your brand

Must or Bust? What promotional merchandise says about your brand

By Jeremy Chen

Head over to the Good Things website and you will see over a thousand options for promotional merchandise. In the section for USB flash drives alone you get an overwhelming amount of choices. The drill is eye-catching, but it’s not a suitable promotional gift for a t-shirt company.  And how would people react if a bakeshop suddenly started handing out tooth implant thumb drives? What would that say about their establishment?

Think of your promotional merchandise as your brand’s ambassadors. They give prospective clients an introduction to your company, they create an image of who you are, and they make people remember you. To make sure that your products are sending out the right message, you have to ask yourself these 3 questions before filling out an order form.

Is it appropriate?

Know your brand and choose products that align with your vision and identity. Are you in the sports industry and encourage a healthier lifestyle? You could choose a water bottle, exercise apparel, or a pedometer over confectionary items. If your company promotes ecological responsibility then you might consider giving out an ecopot or a seed pack.

Is it a keeper?

You want to distribute products that people would save so that your company would make a lasting impression on them. You don’t want to be associated with a cut-rate, throwaway product because it might depict your brand as miserly and substandard. The quality of your promotional gifts reflects the value of your service. By giving an organic life mug as a thank you present instead of a disposable plastic cup, your client would feel valued and would most likely employ your services again.

Does it stand out? 

Does it make you look like a trendsetter or a follower? A promotional product should be practical for people to use it daily, but you have to add a personal touch, a creative flair for people to remember your brand. If you hand out something generic, it will probably end up in the trash bin or gather dust in a cupboard. A pen need not be boring; your choice of color and shape would set it apart from the rest, like, for example, a mini permanent marker. A keyring is as common as it gets, but a mini tape measure keychain from a real estate company or a furniture store is both useful and unforgettable.

Your promotional merchandise walk and talk your brand. Choosing them is serious business, but by keeping these 3 things in mind, making a decision would be a breeze.

So what do your brand ambassadors say about you?

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