How the global suppy chain problems has IMPROVED promotional marketing

A strange thing happened in the past 12-20 months.  Contrary to expectations, such as a drop in demand and expected dramatic economic contraction, the world began to experience huge shortfalls throughout the supply chain. From microchips to timber and steel and everything in between caused huge delays and backlogs in ordering goods, compounded by pent … Continued

The 7 Promotional Products Your Brand Needs to Create an Impact in 2021

Businesses often neglect promotional products while formulating their marketing strategy. They assume these products wouldn’t create a lasting, tangible impact—especially when online advertising today provides an instant impression on potential customers.  But they couldn’t be more wrong. 88% of all customers in one survey said they remembered a brand better once they’d received a promotional … Continued


Why Use Promotional Pens to Help Grow Your Brand?

Brands that use physical products to market their businesses will inevitably stand out amongst the rest. We live in an age where digital advertising is becoming increasingly overwhelming. So, branded promotional items are often a breath of fresh air. And, very often, simpler is better when it comes to promotional products.  Branded pens are a … Continued


Case Study: 3 Ways Great Companies Use Promotional Products

Promotional products have amazing potential. They make your business far more memorable and, by extension, help to generate the sort of brand awareness that encourages consumers to make a purchase. So, as long as you invest in a range that will appeal to the people you serve, you can generate an impressive ROI.  If that … Continued


How to Use Promotional Products Effectively

There are few things more crucial in business than being memorable. The better your brand is remembered by consumers, the more likely it is that your target audiences will think of you when they need your products and services. This can have a major impact on your lead conversion and sales. One of the best … Continued


How Personalisation of Products Is the New Business Trend in 2021

Consumers have so much choice these days. As such, it’s becoming more and more imperative that brands find ways to mark themselves out from their competitors. Some business trends that have been on the up in recent months have included a renewed focus on SEO, interactive content, and social media marketing. However, if you want … Continued


Why Promotional Bags Are Great for Your Business

Promotional products of all types are great for building a buzz around your business. But, it can be difficult deciding which products to go with, whether because you’re unsure which will resonate most with your customers and clients or because or you can’t figure out which would be the most cost-effective. Enter promotional bags, which … Continued


How to Promote Your Business and Get Noticed This Year

Being in business is all about getting noticed, no matter what you do or where you are. You could be looking to boost your profile at trade events, online, and elsewhere. Either way, it’s important that you find ways to stand out and make your mark. This has never been more true than in the … Continued

5 Effective Strategies to Boost and Promote Your Brand in 2021

The game has changed for businesses across the world, as the virus-that-shall-not-be-named shut down whole industries and ground everyday life to an unexpected halt. As a result of these restrictions, internet usage accelerated 70% last year, meaning that engaging consumers on their computers and smartphones became more crucial than ever. Even though we are (touch … Continued

3 Great Promotional Products for Your Brand This Winter

There’s never a bad time to get your brand out there. In fact, the more you can keep your logo in the minds of your customers and clients, the better. However, some ways of promoting your company can be overkill, particularly seeing as there is so much competing information constantly vying for peoples’ attention. So, … Continued

5 Ways to Promote & Market Your Business

With the business landscape as competitive as ever in 2021 and 24/7 consumer accessibility, promoting your business nowadays needs a varied mix of channels and constant TLC to attract your target market.  To stand out in a crowded market or be the front runner in your industry, there are several important things to consider. What … Continued

5 Unique Promotional Products That’ll Get Your Brand Noticed

If you want to build strong relationships with your customers and attract new ones, consider gifting memorable and unique promotional products. How customers think of you and your brand comes down to your ability to make a positive impression on them.  There has been a lot of research into the psychology of customer behaviour, and … Continued

4 things you didn’t know about Chinese New Year

    ⅙ of people in the world celebrate it. Chinese New Year, otherwise known as Lunar New Year, is one of the most celebrated festivals in the world. Originating from, as you guessed, China, the festival is also widely celebrated across Asian countries, with some countries having their own versions (e.g. Korean Solnal, Vietnamese … Continued

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Sustainable Promotional Products Trend Grows In 2021

What is brewing in the exciting world of promotional products? Earlier this month, the Good Things team attended the PPAI Expo 2021 to gear up for the year ahead, pun intended.   We reflected on our learnings from the expo, and our knowledge of the industry and came to a conclusion. The already growing sustainability … Continued

2020 Wrapped: Your Top Promotional Products were Eco-Friendly!

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Much like Charles Dickens’ iconic novel, the year 2020 was many things. The pandemic has affected all of us in different ways, however as we watched events unfold with despair, we also prospered in ways we never imagined. Organisational models and processes have … Continued

Promoting Your Business During A Pandemic

There is no doubt the economic climate has changed in 2020 and as a result how we approach our marketing strategy must adapt accordingly.  Understanding your client’s needs and wants now is arguably more important than it has ever been, and there is a wide range of social and economic factors that need to be … Continued

How Promotional Products Help Your Business

Since starting Good Things – the 8 or so years experience I’ve had in the promotional products industry has taught me that most people fall into 2 groups: Those that see value and love promotional products and those who see promo as cheap and tacky. I’ve found that one’s perception is directly related to their … Continued

Photo of a mug with a love heart on it filled with coffee next to some leaves and cookies on a wooden backdrop

How Are Promotional Mugs Produced?

Promotional mugs are some of the most popular promotional products! No matter how many people have, usually, they’ll never refrain from using another gifted mug with your logo on it. They can be used as stationary or pen stands, as well as mugs. They’re truly versatile in their utility, and the best part about promotional … Continued

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2 Ways To Use Promotional Products To Drive Revenue And Sales

It’s no surprise that promotional products give marketers the benefit of a low cost per impression, increasing overall brand awareness and customer loyalty. Building on this, the next coherent step is to think of creative ways to use promotional merchandise to drive real revenue and sales. If your investment in branded merchandise makes a direct … Continued

5 Awe Inspiring Instagram Posts With Promotional Merchandise

Instagram marketing is rising in popularity with over 1 billion people using it. That’s basically an eighth of the world. If you look at the chart below, it reveals that instagram is used by a majority of people using other social media platforms.   (Image Source) There are over 95 million posts and 400 million … Continued

How Do You Conduct a Rebranding With Promotional Products?

How to Rebrand Your Company with Promotional Products If you’re not happy about the way consumers perceive your brand, it’s time to go through a rebranding exercise. As marketers and business owners, it’s absolutely vital that you manage how your customers perceive your company, so people know you the way you’d like them to think … Continued

How Much Does A Great Branded Promotional Product Campaign Cost?

The Real Cost of a Branded Promotional Product Marketing Campaign Every year, companies globally spend close to $23 Billion on promotional products. The promotional product industry is massive and is showing no signs of slowing down. If you’re thinking about investing in a branded promotional product campaign, you need to carefully consider your marketing spend … Continued

branded product marketing campaign

3 Ways To Run A Viral Branded Promotional Product Marketing Campaign

How to Successfully Run a Product Marketing Campaign If you’re a marketer, one of the things you’d most likely have in your career wishlist is to run a viral marketing campaign. Reaching millions of people in short spans of time can be a dream come true for most marketers! The amazing thing about this dream … Continued

why do promotional products work so well

5 Reasons Why Promotional Products Work So Well for Business

Why Do Promotional Products Work So Well? It’s Not Rocket Science Nearly 85% of people will do business with company that gave them a promotional product. It’s no surprise then that the promotional products industry rakes in $23 Billion annually! Some Fortune 500 companies such as Pfizer, General Motors and AT&T spend $85, $80 and … Continued