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Gives a variety of options

Eloise — 20 November 2019

Sean was really great - would highly recommend

Steve Mackinnon — 21 August 2019

The Good Things team are brilliant at helping us find the right merchandise whenever we need it.

Stephen — 16 August 2019

Great service!

DD — 16 August 2019

The team went above and beyond to help us hit an unrealistic deadline for some fresh company swag.

Aaron — 16 August 2019

Awesome products, Amazing service, and easy access.

H. Y. — 6 November 2018

We love our new logo towels - they are of excellent quality and proudly display our logo. Thanks Promotive!

Siria — 28 October 2018

Great product and quick turnaround.

Jade — 19 October 2018

It is honestly amazing. I love everything and I would recommend it anytime any day to anyone.

S. Y. — 15 October 2018

I am very pleased with the service and would defiantly recommend. very helpful as well

Ella Bella — 15 October 2018

Great communication and the assistance to my requests were dealt with professionally and in a very good time frame.

Jeremy Logan — 15 October 2018

No other word can describe. It just simply excellent team. Keep it up people!

Edison — 11 October 2018

Very helpful and easy to deal with

Charli — 9 October 2018

Have dealt with this company for last years xmas items and am going again this year. Very helpful.

Tracy Guy - Mulqueen Family Funerals — 8 October 2018

You are helpful!

Brian Hwang — 6 October 2018

The service from Promotive has always been professional, speedy and friendly.

Ms Lorraine Dyer — 5 October 2018

great product

Airlines of Tasmania — 5 October 2018

Working with Promotive is a joy! Super speedy responses and kept us in the loop with every step of our orders!

Mel, Tabor — 5 October 2018

Easy and quick turnaround. Item exactly as described

Sarah McCormick — 4 October 2018

i was very happy with the great costomer service.

Paige Elizabeth — 3 October 2018

"Great service, i would highly recommend"

Ty Cronan — 2 October 2018

really helpful

tom morey — 2 October 2018

We have used Promotive Group for a number of promotional material we require and they have been great to work with in finding items that match our needs and what we require.

Kristen Gleeson — 2 October 2018

Great customer service

Chloe — 2 October 2018

Great customer service and service efficiency

Valeria — 2 October 2018

The service and merchandise we receive from Promotive is always excellent. If there is ever an issue or concern (which is rare), it is dealt with promptly and professionally. I can highly recommend!

Katie Rafferty — 2 October 2018

Great products and fantastic customer service

Laura Andersen — 2 October 2018

Loved the process very easy - just received the Pens they look great

Matt Crocker — 2 October 2018

Very reliable

Nat — 1 October 2018

Promotive are always so helpful and efficient. Orders arrive promptly and friendly service.

Bec Marshall — 1 October 2018

Great service, very fast and exactly what was expected!

Annie Mintern — 1 October 2018

Promotive have been great. Jeremy and the team really went above and beyond to come up with great ideas deliver what my business needed. Can’t recommend enough.

Isobelle Smith. — 30 September 2018

Quick turnaround and great customer service! I really like their cutting edge promo options.

Ian Coker — 30 September 2018

service and driver was fantastic

Matthias Jentsch — 30 September 2018

Had a few minor issue with staff member Craig with ordering and product selection, but he was very helpful and made sure my order was on time. Will use them again for more workwear

BRUSHFLOW P/L — 29 September 2018

Great help.

Paul dukes — 28 September 2018

very happy

connie hopper — 28 September 2018

Chiron was very helpful and friendly

Ani Lack — 28 September 2018

Great service and attention to detail!

Adele M — 27 September 2018

Very quick response to provide a detailed quote. Helpful with all questions I had and ready to go ahead with the order as soon as I was! Thank you.

Danielle — 27 September 2018

Good range of products.

Phil — 27 September 2018

We could not be happier with the service and quality of products provided by Tim and all the staff at Promotive.

Amanda Webster - Firbank Grammar — 27 September 2018

Very helpful and efficient

Sophie — 27 September 2018

Fantastic Service, Great Pens, Great artwork

Cassandra — 27 September 2018

Great company. Easy to work with

Sacha — 27 September 2018

Loove loove love it!

Amanda apps — 27 September 2018

I was set a very difficult task to get Branded coffee cups, we've changed our minds so many times on the different cups, and every time Josh was helpful and efficient delivering quotes and making changes.

Bianca — 27 September 2018

Always friendly, helpful and deliver when they say they are going to.

Lindy Kidd — 27 September 2018

From the get go, bePromotive 's excellent customer service and quick turnaround time added to the already wonderful experience I've had in doing business with them. I will highly recommend this company for any of your promotional or corporate gift products. Thank you Tim and team!

Riska — 27 September 2018

I regularly experience prompt and efficient customer service from all staff at Promotive. Tim and his team of professionals offer ideas and solutions with regards to my merchandise requirements. Production and delivery is on time, every time and the tracking of orders is regularly monitored.

Catherine McVean, Old Haileyburians Association — 27 September 2018

Pens received were great quality, service prompt and efficient.

Ross McDowall — 27 September 2018

Promotive are responsive and creative, and really help us to get more out of our promotional budget. Nothing is ever too much trouble!

Nicole Roache — 27 September 2018

Very helpful and always fast to respond : )

Ellie Hofland — 27 September 2018

Great Service and fast delivery!

Matt — 27 September 2018

Promotive were fabulous from start to finish. My enquiry was responded to within hours and our products were delivered ahead of time. The finished product is of great quality. I would recommend their services to anyone!

Casey — 27 September 2018

Customer focus, quick response and nothing too much trouble

John Jeffreys — 27 September 2018

Service was prompt, courteous and thorough.

Mike Smythe — 27 September 2018

Very helpful!

Amanda — 27 September 2018

There were a couple of delays due to product unavailability but overall I was very pleased with the service and willingness to meet my needs.

Ashton Whiley — 27 September 2018

pretty decent goods and services at a good price.

Lalita Ajmera — 27 September 2018

The service was seamless and our final product was perfect for what we needed. I’d definetely use them again in the future.

Eddie Grant — 27 September 2018

Helpful & polite

Nishara — 27 September 2018


TONY — 27 September 2018

The team at BePromotive were great when when we ordering our promotional bags. Everything was done on schedule as promised and communication was fantastic. We'll definitely use them again!

Rachael - Dandelion Press Publishing — 27 September 2018

Thanks to the team at Promotive. They always provide good quality products and the sales team have great insight into merchandise options.

Diandra — 27 September 2018

Promotive has been great to work with, super easy and very organised!

Ashleigh — 26 September 2018

Excellent service and products

Frank Ho — 26 September 2018

Great selection of products and perfect for marketing. Will definitely be placing more orders for my clients

Steve Illy — 26 September 2018

Everything went smoothly. Very happy with the quality of the adaptor.

Moss Pellen — 26 September 2018

Great products and fast and efficient service

Jacinda — 26 September 2018

Promotive has made our club merchandise for years without any problem

Bill Beck — 26 September 2018

Very easy to deal with. Free sample is helpful to decide on final product choices

Jo Taylor — 26 September 2018

The communication about my order was second to none. The promise time was accurate and the product came through exactly as specified. I could not be happier.

Ieuan Rees. — 26 September 2018

Awesome, so lovely to deal with, very friendly and products are excellent quality ! cant wait to order again

Heather Pronk — 26 September 2018

Great Service and products!

Ryan Allan — 26 September 2018

Great service!

Matthew Wilson — 26 September 2018

Great selection of promotional products, informative and reasonable price.

PatM — 26 September 2018

Very helpful and informative throughout the process.

Mary — 26 September 2018

Fantastic customer service. We didn't end up purchasing the product that we inquired about but we were provided with a great range of options along the way. No doubt we will use Tim and the team at Be Promotive if we require this product in the future.

Ryan — 26 September 2018

Quick turn around time and great response time with emails.

Kim Commane — 26 September 2018

Great service. Excellent product.

Glen Peacock — 26 September 2018

Great service, response time and exceptional delivery. I have ordered a few time with Be Promotive including coffee mugs and silk ties, always happy with the results

John — 26 September 2018

My experience with Promotive has always been an enjoyable one, with a welcoming approach and friendly service.

David Miles — 26 September 2018

I love the inCharge cable. It's beautiful addition to your key ring plus extremely useful. It is also good to connect between a Powerbank and your phone be used of not messy cable. It sticks to your keyring well.

Muneer Valappil — 26 September 2018

Very helpful and responsive in trying to find you the right product.

Yasmine — 26 September 2018

Extremely responsive and helpful - no matter which department/area you are speaking to. Products are of reasonable quality and are in line with pricing.

Sadie — 26 September 2018

Product wise - cannot fault, the items came quickly and are as described. I believe some work can be done with the marketing of the company. In February this year, we were sent an email to celebrate International Women's day at Promotive. The email states that Promotive aims to celebrate gender equality. In the body of the email, however, it suggests that we should order nail files and chocolate to celebrate International Women's Day. There were a lot of different items that could have been suggested, but the items suggested played to the stereotype that women love their nails and chocolate, which is not the case. In future, more consultation needs to be done in terms of ensuring that the company sends out appropriate messaging to clients.

Emily Yam — 26 September 2018

Very easy to deal with, happy to make multiple changes and they have a quick turn around on the changes. Very Happy with the end result.

Jodie Cairney — 26 September 2018

Very prompt and responsive team

Tim Bothwell — 26 September 2018


ROBERT NASTASI — 26 September 2018

Will use them again for sure! Great and friendly service!

Benny Price — 26 September 2018

I highly recommend promotive group, they worked with us to determine our unique requirements, and they provided great service!

Michael Wilson — 26 September 2018

This was the first time that the Federation of International Touch Football (FIT) had dealt with BePromotive and it was a rewarding experience and we are just about to place a repeat order. I personally found Chiron & Minnie great to deal with and all my inquiries were handled quickly & professionally. The Ties and scarves were well received by our FIT Board & Referees Team at our Youth Touch World Cup - Congratulations.

William Kerr — 26 September 2018

Michael Wilson — 26 September 2018

Great products and communication is 2nd to none. Would highly recommend.

Andre Guerin — 26 September 2018

The Promotive guys are always super attentive and happy to help put together campaigns for you, never experienced a situation where something a bit left of centre or a particular request "couldn't be done". Shout out to Travis!

Keal Wilson — 26 September 2018

Great Service. Great product

— 26 September 2018


— 26 September 2018

Excellent....I don't need to shop around. They always look after me.

— 26 September 2018

It is great to catch up at the Educate Plus conference, to hear about your latest ideas and what you can offer to fit our marketing plans for the year.

— 26 September 2018

By far the best customer experience I have had with promotional companies. Fast turn-around and excellent prices. You have a new permanent client.

— 26 September 2018

Quick polite response to all queries and quick turnaround for items.

— 26 September 2018

Great Service

— 26 September 2018

Huge choice and great fast service - would definitely use again

Nancy C — 10 July 2018

Great customer service and great set of products! thanks guys

Lucy Chen — 1 July 2018

Fast delivery . Easy and convenient transaction.

Jeremy Goldman — 30 May 2018

Good quality and really quick turnaround. Shirts were delivered in time for a new contract kick-off.

Ian Coker — 12 April 2018

Have dealt with Promotive Group many times and will continue to do so. Highly recommend.

Alex Fitz — 26 March 2018

Got our event merchandise ahead of schedule!

Aaron Wong — 5 March 2018

Sarah Stavrow — 22 February 2018

fast and great service, highly recommend

Andre Lang — 10 December 2017

Really fast sampling and delivery - thanks guys our launch and bottles were a hit

Bruce Berends — 24 October 2017

Amazing service!! The crew at Promotive were so helpful with all of my queries and then a super quick turnaround. Their friendly customer service and communication throughout the process was excellent. I highly recommend Promotive and thank Craig and Gerard for delivering service and a fantastic product.

Lexsa Info — 24 October 2017

Great customer service and super fast turn around to met our event timeline for merchandise

Dayne Nash — 18 September 2017

Easy to deal with and got the job done !!

Andrew Ebbott — 18 August 2017

Amazing service & incredibly fast turnaround time for branded merchandise! We ordered 100 branded notebooks & engraved pens which took one week including shipping. Looking forward to working with Tim, Jeremy & Maria again.

Lyndal Hamwood — 2 August 2017

Ordered 60 pairs of hotel-style slippers at short notice for my wedding, and they arrived on time and as described. Couldn't be happier with how they came out or the timeliness of the delivery. Will definitely order through these guys again!

James Armstrong — 20 July 2017

Great service, fast delivery used the 3 day express delivery items and happy with our promo items. Would recommend.

John Fitzgerald — 5 January 2016

Kara Lyons — 18 March 2015

Caitlin Connolly — 12 September 2014