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As long as you’ve got your suit and umbrella, specifically the Corporate Umbrella, you’ll be work ready! This Umbrella is a full-sized umbrella, with an 8 ribbed frame made from fiberglass for added stability from strong winds. The shade is made from a 190T pongee fabric, which means it’s a stronger, tougher and a higher density material than traditional nylon and polyester, making it more durable. This umbrella features a traditional latch release to extend the umbrella canopy upon use and a velcro strap to wrap out the exterior of the umbrella when it’s not in use. Additionally, it has a large u-shaped handle to hook the umbrella over your arm to transport it, when you have your coffee in one hand and your phone in the other on your way to yet another meeting!.
Product Features:
Sturdy 8 rib structure
Fiberglass frame to ensure it is flexible and windproof.
A Velcro tie and waterproof cloth cover.
Smooth touch, ‘U’ shaped handle
Made from 190T Pongee
120cm shade diameter

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