Bambu Phone Holder

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The Bambu phone holder is a minimalistic and elegant addition to your office desk. This stand is the perfect solution to keep your phone on your desk. The phone can be kept in vertical and horizontal positions which helps watch videos with ease, all handsfree! Why not talk to us today?.

• Keep your device in an attractive angle
• Charge the phone in a viewable stand
• Free your hands during work or watching videos
• Made of high quality bamboo
• Lightweight and compact
• The angled channel holds mobile devices at an optimal angle
• Bamboo is a far more sustainable wood and harvesting it has a lesser environmental impact

Please note: If this product is engraved the colour and texture will vary from piece to piece due to the nature of the material.

We can laser engrave however please note no two products will have the same outcome. We encourage Food Grade Ink, which is FDA approved.

Product Dimensions: 60mm x 80mm x 20mm
Material: Nature Bamboo