NATURA Oaken Wireless Charger Desk Caddy

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Stylish 10W wireless charger desk caddy made from wheatstraw, ABS and cork. It features a wireless cork charging pad and fast charging for compatible devices. It will charge wirelessly enabled devices simply by placing them on the natural cork non-slip pad and will work with most modern phones.

Charging Position: Vertical
Note: Fast charging will work at the optimum power level when used with a 20W or more QC (Quick Charge) or PD (Power Delivery) mains adaptor. Using a PC/laptop USB output may lead to slow charging
Input Power: DV 5V/2A
Input Type: Micro
Length of Cable: 100cm
Output Power: DC 9V/3A
Wireless Output: 10W
Charging Pads: 1
Fast Wireless Charging: Yes (With Compatible Devices)
Frequency: 110
Max. Induction Distance: 8mm
Indicator: Single LED

Individual Gift Box.

H 112mm x W 150mm x 70mm.

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