Promotional Umbrellas – Showcase Your Brand Come Rain, Hail Or Shine

With such a large surface area for your logo or design, branded umbrellas are the ideal promotional tool.

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Recent branded umbrella work

Promotive will work with you to create the perfect promotional umbrella, flawlessly matching the colours to fit your brand.
With the ability to have your message printed on both the inside and outside surfaces, our branded umbrellas are an exceptional addition your promotional strategy.


Our promotional umbrella range

With such a wide range of products and styles to choose from, we can provide the perfect branded umbrellas for you.
We also offer expert guidance, to assist you in finding the ideal promotional umbrella for your purposes.

Our branded umbrella production process

Step 1
Product Concept

Using your logo, corporate colours, and input, we work with you to create a product that best represents you. Communication is the key, and our strength is in understanding your individual style requirements.

Step 2
Product Design

We produce artwork for your promotional umbrella and optional carry pouches, using your design ideas and PMS colours. Once you're happy with your designs, we have a physical sample made, so you know exactly what your umbrella will look like.

Step 3
Product Delivery

After your sample is approved, we begin production of your custom umbrellas. We have various express delivery options available, meaning that we can have the final product at your door in as little as 10 days.

Why choose us

Umbrella Experts

When it comes to umbrellas, we really know our stuff. We have excellent contacts directly with our umbrella manufacturers, which means we can provide an exceptional range at the best prices. We have extensive experience working within the umbrella industry, so you know we can help you choose the perfect umbrella for your requirements.

Fast & Easy

Our ‘Back in a Flash’ guarantee gives you peace of mind that we are working to your needs and timeframes. We want your ordering experience to be as enjoyable and efficient as possible. Once you’ve ordered once, reordering is a breeze, and we keep all of your product details on file to ensure brand consistency across all orders.

Free Design and Samples

We want you to have the perfect promotional umbrella! To ensure that you do, we will work closely with you to come up with a design that encapsulates exactly what your business is about.
We provide comprehensive design services, and will send you physical samples to make sure you are completely happy with the outcome.

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Portable yet impactful, promotional umbrelas are a brilliant way to get your brand logo and business message out there. Whether provided as a perk for employees or offered as a gift to clients, getting a branded umbrella online will be an impactful and practical weapon to add to your marketing arsenal.

Branded Umbrella Benefits

While the weather in Australia can be hugely varied, there is no doubting the usefulness of owning an umbrella. From heavy downpours to skin-searing sunshine, having this protective pop-up companion at your disposal will be sensible.

The problem with umbrellas is that it is all too easy for them to go missing. Whether borrowed by a friend or left behind at a restaurant, most people are always in need of a replacement or a spare for such scenarios. That is why being able to offer promotional umbrellas to customers and members of staff is such a powerful and multi-faceted act. People will really appreciate the offer of a free branded umbrella when they engage with your business in some way.

Promotional umbrellas can be offered in various contexts. You could give them away at industry conferences to entice attendees to engage with your business at its stand. You could keep them in the lobby of your office so that when the heavens open, visitors who are on the way out the door will not be caught unprepared. You could supply them to new hires to help welcome them to the family and get them instantly engaged with your brand and its values. The options are endless!

Perhaps most important of all is the fact that umbrellas create a large surface area to display your logo. Designs for promotional umbrellas can even feature the same logo printed several times to ensure complete coverage and 360 degree visibility. Everywhere the owner of the umbrella goes, your business will get a mini promotional boost, helping you to grow brand recognition and build familiarity in the local area as well as further afield.

Design & Reliability

With a personalised umbrella to promote your business you can take the reins when it comes to the design. We offer customisable umbrellas in every conceivable colour, allowing you to match the hue to your existing branding or choose a tone that contrasts it effectively to make it even more memorable. You can add whatever logo, graphic or text you desire to the umbrella and reap the benefits of having a beautiful, bold promotional product on standby for a number of scenarios.

We use high quality materials to create our luxury branded umbrellas, ensuring that they are reliable, durable and desirable all at the same time.

While some promotional products might be considered disposable, a branded umbrella will be a real keepsake that employees, customers and clients will value. This in turn will shine a positive light on your brand, giving it associations with the reliability and durability of the umbrella. It is easy to see why this multifaceted marketing strategy is so popular.

How To Deploy Promotional Umbrellas Effectively

While you might think that it is enough to simply give away your promotional umbrellas to people willy-nilly, in reality it is better to take a more considered approach to how they are distributed.

For example, if you order promotional umbrellas online ahead of an event you can maximise their impact when they are revealed on the day itself. Optimal exposure will be achieved if tens or even hundreds of people are wandering around in the same space, all toting your brand on their umbrellas at the same time.

Find Out More About Branded Umbrellas

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