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The Humble Pen: Marketing 101

The Humble Pen: Marketing 101

Araz Manjikian Araz Manjikian
Araz is our Marketing and Product Manager.

With the power of the internet and social media, the need to stay relevant has never been more important. Companies are increasingly trying to come up with more and more creative merchandise options to get noticed, but often these campaigns can have that immediate “wow factor”, but no long term recall.

Here are some reasons why the humble pen is still a relevant promotional item.

It’s a common misconception that using pens as a promotional items are the cheap and easy way out, but this is not the case.

Although you can get a very affordable varieties, the premium end can be just as impactful. Depending on your target audience and marketing budget, you will surely find the right pen for your campaign. There is a vast variety of pens available, both plastic and metal, with different printing options to customise them with your brand.


Pens can end up in anyones hands, not only our target end user, but their friends, colleagues, kids or even strangers.

How many times have you borrowed a pen and forgotten to give it back? Does that pen have a branded message on it?
Then it’s done its job in reaching a wider audience than intended. They’re essentially walking advertisements that can be passed on a number of times, and serve as an alternative to business cards in some cases.


How many times have you needed a pen but everywhere you look, there’s none in sight?

No matter if you’re at work or school or even at the shops, pens are always in demand. We never really think about how much we rely on these simple instruments until we’re scrambling around for one.
The functional and useful nature of pens make them forever relevant and less likely to be discarded.

Functional items such as pens have a much longer lifespan than non-functional pieces. A pen on someones desk will be there for months, making the longevity of the advertising much greater than that of a printed flyer or billboard.

Branded pens are a constant reminder of your brand. Every time it’s used, your brand’s colours, fonts, icons and messages are repeated in the user’s mind. This repeated exposure leads to brand recognition and when the time comes that they will require your product or service, you will be top of mind.

Next time you’re looking at promotional items for the company, why not start with the humble pen?