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why do promotional products work so well

5 Reasons Why Promotional Products Work So Well for Business

Why Do Promotional Products Work So Well? It’s Not Rocket Science

Nearly 85% of people will do business with company that gave them a promotional product. It’s no surprise then that the promotional products industry rakes in $23 Billion annually! Some Fortune 500 companies such as Pfizer, General Motors and AT&T spend $85, $80 and $58 million respectively on these giveaways.

It’s very clear that promotional products work extremely well for business!

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But why is it that promotional products perform so well? To understand the ‘why’ behind the success of promotional product marketing, we’re putting together this article to talk about the 5 main reasons why promotional products work so well for business. So let’s get into it!

1. Give First And Get Later

Robert Cialdini, who is known as one of the thought leaders in persuasion, highlights the value of the principle of reciprocity when persuading anyone to do something.

When you give something to someone, usually, they’ll feel the need to reciprocate and give back. People feel you’ve done something good for them, and want to help you in return.

Promotional products build this reciprocity loop in customer relationships. Businesses and advertisers give promotional products, customers appreciate them, and will usually want to transact with the businesses that gave them the promotional items.

why do promotional products work so well

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Not only is it about reciprocity, giving promotional products also builds customer loyalty. When customers see that you care for them and give them the things that solve their problems, they’re more loyal to your company and stay with you for longer.

Think about it, would you rather stick with a bank that gives you pens, piggy banks and other goodies when you walk into their branch, or would you go to a bank where you get absolutely no promotional gifts? You know the answer for yourself!

2. Low Cost, High Returns

Promotional products cost way lesser than expensive advertising on social media, or other even exorbitantly priced options like TV advertising or Banner Ads. You can order them in large quantities and leverage the price benefits from economies of scale.

In return for the cost you incur on them, the benefits are significantly larger in comparison to other advertising mediums. For instance, you may invest $10K in facebook ads, which will usually drive brand awareness for 3-10 weeks, or you could invest the same amount of money buying promotional products, which can drive awareness for periods of up to 6-12 months.

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Nearly 6 out of 10 customers keep promotional products given to them for a period of over 2 years. That’s a clear sign that keeping your promotional products ‘in circulation’ among your prospect and customer community is likely to produce positive results in the long term.

3. Exposure Through Number of Impressions

Promotional products get loads of exposure through the number of impressions they generate. For digital ads these impressions only last for periods when the campaign is live, but promotional products continue to get exposed to many eyeballs, for as long as prospects are using them!

Give it some thought, if you’re a travel gear company and gave a backpack to a traveller as a promotional giveaway, your brand name and logo will get noticed by several other travellers that see them carrying your awesome promotional backpack! The power of this kind of ‘visual virality’ is second to none, and forms an imprint in the subconscious minds of prospects, which could eventually lead them to do business with you.

4. Build The Brand

Building a brand is about building a perception about who you are in your ideal customers mind. For instance, when people think Apple, they think innovation, cutting edge technology and thinking different. When people think Nike, they think athleticism and the spirit of ‘just doing it’.

Promotional products have the benefit of memorability. More than 89% of people can recall the advertisers name even 2 years after receiving a promotional product from them. And that means, they’re extremely effective in building a brand!

If you want to be known for something, or want people to keep you in mind for something, promotional products are undoubtedly the way to go!

5. They Solve A Problem!

Last but certainly not the least is that promotional products actually solve a problem for your customers. Unlike advertising messages that just entertain for a brief moment, promotional products become part of your customers daily lives, in their personal and professional space.

When something becomes a part of someone’s life, it plays a massive role in influencing them to take action. This is especially true when the promotional product they’re using is personalised in some way.

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For instance, if they’re using a pen that has their name on it, or a mug with a customized message that’s unique to them. This goes a long way in ensuring they actually use the promotional items they’re given, so they always keep you in mind.


Wrapping it up

Promotional products are a fantastic way to build relationships with your audience, cost effectively, for the long term. Invest in them not only for the ROI you’d get, but also the genuine and meaningful relationships you build with your audience over time. Ensure you invest in them because they work for your business, because we’re so confident that they will.


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