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3 Great Promotional Products for Your Brand This Winter

Jeremy Chen Jeremy Chen
Jeremy is a co-founder and Director of Marketing at Good Things - a specialist Promotional products and branded goods business with offices in Melbourne and Sydney.

There’s never a bad time to get your brand out there. In fact, the more you can keep your logo in the minds of your customers and clients, the better.

However, some ways of promoting your company can be overkill, particularly seeing as there is so much competing information constantly vying for peoples’ attention. So, you’d be well advised to avoid bombarding your valued customers with too much additional, irrelevant advertising.

Instead, why not go for something more personal and practical? That’s where promotional products come into the picture.

Not only will giving people tangible, useful, and attractive branded merchandise encourage a far more favourable impression of your brand, but it should also help you leave a longer-lasting impression, too. And, the smarter you are about your promotional products, the more positively people will think of you.

Think about when you’ll be offering out your promotional products and what exactly the recipients might need at that time. At the very height of the coronavirus crisis, for example,  branded hand sanitiser and face masks were excellent choices. In fact, with plenty of people still choosing to wear masks, they still are an ideal item.

Now, though, as Australia heads into a relatively unrestricted winter, there are other products that might better fit the bill.

3 Perfect Promotional Products for Your Clients This Winter

Prove to the people you serve that you understand their wants and needs by picking the perfect promotional products. Remember that any merchandise you offer out will act as a representation of your brand. So, as the weather gets colder and people continue to enjoy fewer Covid-19 restrictions, show your business off as best you can with our selection of the best promotional products for winter, 2021.

1. Hoodies

With the temperature dropping and the weather forecast becoming increasingly unpredictable, people are going to need to wear additional layers when they leave the house. So, why not fill that gap in peoples’ wardrobes with a warm, branded hoodie, featuring your company’s eye-catching and unmistakable logo?

With a premium hooded sweatshirt from Good Things, your customers won’t forget you anytime soon. Comfortable and available in a range of colours, your brand’s promotional hoodies are likely to be worn regularly throughout the winter and beyond. 

That’s just one of the many benefits of promoting your company through branded apparel. Another is the fact that any customers who wear your company’s hoodies will come to associate your brand with comfort and convenience. A bonus is the fact that high-quality clothing will reflect well on the quality of your goods or services.

Not to mention the fact that a hoodie that displays your brand’s logo loud and proud will catch the attention of passers-by. Basically, it acts as free advertising and demonstrates to any prospects that your brand is loved by its customers. There are few better ways to prove from the outset that your brand knows how to build strong customer relationships.

Depending on the budget and specific requirements for your brand, there are several other hoodies you can choose between. These include:

You could also consider splashing out on warmer or waterproof outerwear for your clients, by investing in promotional coats and jackets. For example, this Epsilon 2 Softshell jacket is perfect for keeping your customers and clients out of the rain, while this sleek and soft Nitro Microfleece jacket adds an extra layer of cosy warmth to any outfit.

2. Portable Chargers

Ever since Covid-19 restrictions were lifted, people have been back on the go and appreciate it now more than ever. But, the busiest and most social butterflies amongst us are likely to run into a few issues when they’re out and about for long stretches. One of the biggest issues that people face is their mobile phone dying.

You probably don’t need us to tell you why this is such a big problem. Our phones are everything from our primary form of communication to our digital wallet. Losing battery during a busy day out could cause a whole lot of stress as a result, leaving you out of the loop and at a loss for how to find your friends or even get home.

Now, we’re not suggesting that you hand out free, branded phones to clients at trade events. Rather, give them something that will keep their batteries boosted when they need it most, with wireless charging ports that are easy to carry around.

Good Things has plenty of really useful options for you to choose between, such as the Polaris power bank. Available in a set with a swivel USB flash drive and cardboard gift box, your branded power bank is sure to impress customers and come in handy over and over again.

However, while the Polaris power bank is easy enough to transport in a bag, for added convenience you could instead opt for products that can be carried about on someone’s person. The card-sized power bank is one such example. All customers have to do is charge it up at home, slot it in their wallet, and it’s there to use whenever they need it. Or, maybe they’d prefer a charging lanyard, which can be worn around the neck and easily plugged into a USB hub.

Add your logo to one of these products to combine convenience and style with an added layer of novelty.

3. Tote Bags

Lots of people love tote bags, whether because they care about the environment or they prefer a more stylish alternative to standard supermarket shopping bags. Either way, they’re something of a fashion statement these days. Cash in on the craze by ordering in totes for your company’s customers, featuring a sleek design that speaks volumes about your brand.

The double long-handled Calico bag is a great option. For one thing, these tote bags help to cut down on plastic pollution which, sadly, makes up 80% of all marine debris. Add that to the fact that they’re biodegradable and recyclable, and it’s clear to see why they’re quite so popular with Good Things’ eco-conscious clients.

Beyond that, they’re also really useful and on-trend. Customers could easily fit, say, a branded hoodie or power bank into their tote bag, without it looking unseemly. And, with the right branded artwork, the bags will look good slung over anyone’s shoulder, no matter how much is packed inside. 

However, if you think your customers might prefer something a bit more heavy-duty, we also offer a wide range of market bags, beach bags, backpacks, and more. So, no matter what your customers might need them for, your brand’s bags will be perfectly suited.

Why Offer Promotional Products to Customers This Winter

You can say an awful lot with the right promotional products. For one thing, you can demonstrate to your customers that you really care about them and their needs. Whether your demographic is adventurous, sociable, eco-conscious, or all of the above, there are a number of different products that are sure to suit their lifestyle.

Invest in good quality, good-looking items to make the best possible impact. Then, when your customers pull your branded products out for day-to-day use, they aren’t just reminded of your business. They’re also reminded of the excellence you channel into everything that you do.