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Don’t underestimate the power of a pen

Don’t underestimate the power of a pen

Miriam Diiren
Digital Content Creator & Marketing Coordinator

Something we hear a lot from our clients is ‘I don’t want to do pens for merch, they’re boring.’ A pen is more than just a writing utensil. It’s the key to a moment in time. 

Have you ever found yourself at a destination abroad and you wanted to send a postcard back home? Unless you’re a devoted journalist and write about your holiday day-to-day, then you’re unlikely to have a pen on you when travelling. 

For example, I was in Vatican City (which is technically its own country within Italy) and the Italian mail is notoriously slow. So we wanted to conduct an experiment — to see if we would get home before our postcard arrived home. We went to the Vatican City post office and got a postcard, however, no one had a pen. Thankfully, the Vatican City post office was selling its own branded promotional pens. I will admit, it was probably part of the whole tourist trap. Nonetheless, I took that pen home and continued using it! Not just because it reminded me of the holiday, but because it was a good pen and worked well.

Point of the story. The pen became a treasured piece of memorabilia as well as a useful piece of merchandise. That is the power of a pen. A pen doesn’t just have to be a tool for writing — it can be a reminder of a holiday, place or event. 

Consider the quality of the pen; will it last a long time, does it write smoothly and what colour is the ink? All of these factor into creating the perfect pen for a promotional product piece. So next time a Good Things sales consultant recommends our range of pens, don’t turn them down straight away. A pen might be just what you need.

Why should I get promotional pens?

Branded pens are a great way to remind people of a moment. Whether it’s an event, a brand, a place or a quote, branded pens allow you to have your consumer hold your brand in the palm of their hands. Quite literally. Here are some other reasons why pens are great for promotional products:

  • Pens are often associated with holidays (places) as memorabilia.
  • They are useful. Take them home, put them in your handbag, or on your work desk — wherever you take the pen, it’ll be useful.
  • Longevity. Pens usually last anywhere between 6 months to a couple of years, depending on the frequency of use. 


How can my brand use promotional pens?

You can take the traditional route of displaying your brand’s logo. But we recommend you optimise branding your pen. Give the pen more meaning with;

  • A brand tagline.
  • A quote that aligns with your brand.
  • Tie the pen to a moment; will they use this pen for important signatures, or maybe for writing in their mindfulness journal.
  • Make them collectable items. For example, put a slightly different design on 10 pens to have the whole collection.
  • Create them for an instant purpose. For example, if you’re at an event and there’s a trivia quiz on the back of the menu, you can write your answers with your new pen!


But pens are boring, shouldn’t I try something new?

Before we answer that question, let me first ask you something. How many branded promotional pens do you have at home? I can confidently say I have at least 3 that I use in my kitchen to write with; on the shopping list, on the calendar and for birthday cards. So to answer the question. No, you don’t necessarily have to try something new. Why fix something that ain’t broke? Pens are something we have used for hundreds of years and probably will continue using for many years to come. Until the metaverse takes us all into the digital world and we no longer see the use of ink on paper.


What pens do we recommend? Good question.

Eco-friendly Pens

In a world where sustainability is front of mind, we’ve got a great selection of eco-friendly pens. With a range of recycled paper (with recycled plastic tip) pen options as well as a more premium bamboo pen option. Our eco-friendly pen range is great for those who use pens frequently and disposes of them regularly. Using the eco-friendly pen means you can put your mind at ease when disposing of the pen once the ink has run out.

Premium Pens

If you want a more luxurious pen then we have some beautiful and stylish premium metal pens. For those looking for that VIP gift, we have pens with individual setting boxes. These premium pens are perfect for those in the business world — perhaps it’s for that lawyer who signs high-priority documents or maybe it’s the copywriter who loves a smooth writing pen for their storytelling. Ultimately, these high-end pens are designed to last a lifetime.

A good example of these types of pens is a story about a pilot I once knew. He liked a particular premium silver metal pen from a hotel he used to stay at in Sydney. He visited this hotel several times, over 10 years, while he was working as an Australian domestic pilot. It was his favourite pen and whenever the ink ran out, he was always able to replace it when he returned to the hotel. The premium quality of the pen is simply what made this pilot a loyal customer of the hotel (as well as a comfortable bed). 


What if I don’t want a pen, but I do want a writing utensil?

If you’re not ready to commit to writing with ink, then we’re got less permanent options too. We’ve got a large range of promotional pencils that you can choose from. We did some great custom pencil packs for a good client of ours, Dulux

To conclude, we know that pens might seem old school, but it’s more than just a tool for writing. It’s a reminder of something far greater. From Vatican City to Sydney, a pen can be used anywhere and everywhere — send a postcard home, sign your name on that exciting legal document, or write the story of a lifetime. A pen may be simple, but don’t underestimate the power of a pen. It could be your next favourite merch item — treasured for years to come.