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How To Spice Up Your B2B Marketing With Promotional Products

How To Spice Up Your B2B Marketing With Promotional Products

B2B Marketing doesn’t have to be boring.

At the end of the day, businesses are made up of people, and people don’t want to be bored!

Interestingly, most marketers think that if it’s B2C marketing, it has to be more ‘juicy’ to the consumer to hold their interest, and if it’s B2B marketing, the marketing needs to have a more professional, dry, serious vibe. But the truth is, you decide how you’d like to do your marketing, depending on what your customers would value most.

There are always ways to spice up your B2B marketing with promotional products, and this blog article will show you exactly how you can do it! So if you’re ready to make your audience fall in love with your brand, let’s look at 3 ways in which promotional products can make your B2B marketing juicy.

Spice It Up With Telling A Story With Your Promotional Products

Don’t let your audience think your promotional products are just products they can use for a while only to be disposed off a few days later.

Make your promotional products mediums to communicate your story. People love a story, and promotional products offer you the benefit of getting it in front of them through continuous exposure, especially if you do it the right way!

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Storytelling is not about just inventing a story that you think your customers would like. It’s about being transparent, sharing what’s real, and even inviting your customers to be a part of it.

You can share stories about:

  • How your brand was born
  • How you make your products
  • Your vision and mission
  • Why and how you care for your customers

Your stories must arouse emotion, be compelling, and connect with your customers at a deeper emotional level. You want to express your brand’s personality through your story.

A great strategy is to tell lots of ‘small stories’ with your promotional products. You could have one story on your branded t-shirt and another short one on your coffee mug!

For instance, National Australia Bank (NAB) shares an interesting story on each of their promotional products about their brand.

Quotes like “More Give, Less Take” or “36 Years Of Building Trust” are all snippets of the larger story around the bank.

Some of their promotional products for kids in particular are geared towards telling the bank’s story as well as improving children’s financial literacy, a real win-win since it’s educational, yet building the bank’s brand.

Spice It Up With Connecting People While Using Your Promotional Products

A great way to optimize the value both you and your customers derive from promotional products is to give the ones that connect them.

Giving a bottle of wine as your promotional product, for instance, is the perfect way for customers to get together over a drink. Then your promotional product becomes a medium for people to connect, spicing up their lives over an occasion.

Other promotional items that connect people include:

The whole idea is for people to be able to initiate and form new and interesting business relationships through your promotional products, rather than stacking them away in their drawers!

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Spice It Up With Giving Innovative Promotional Products That Are Shareable On Social

Giving innovative products is always a great way to stand out and be remembered. Go off the beaten track with new, technologically advanced promotional products that are trendy and make your customers look ‘cool’.

With a majority of working population being in the “Gen-Y” demographic, ‘’tech promotional products’ are well appreciated by most in business. Some examples are:

  • Wireless Earphones: These are great, especially with some of the new phones having eliminated the ‘headphone port’ from the body.
  • Solar Cell Phone Chargers: If you’re in a hot country, or have business customers that are mobile and work on the go, solar cell phone chargers make awesome promotional products.
  • Wifi Smart Plugs: With the emergence of the ‘smart home’ comes the arrival of the “smart office’. Wifi plugs are a great way to introduce your customers to creating a smart office if they haven’t already started moving down that direction!
  • Portable Bluetooth Speakers: Again,  a great promotional item for both business, and consumer marketing. They’re universally liked and always used in both homes and offices.

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Remember, marketing was never meant to be boring. And promotional products aren’t just about giving free goodies away. Spice it up by adding some zest to your promotional product marketing to engage your customers and capture their attention in meaningful, fun and interesting ways.

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