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⛄️ Do you want to build a strong brand? Winter merch must-haves that will snowball your brand into recognition

⛄️ Do you want to build a strong brand? Winter merch must-haves that will snowball your brand into recognition

By Claudia Lamb

This winter, we’re predicting a beautiful sight of comfortable, eco-conscious and bold designs, and we want to see your community walking in a winter wonder-brand. So, if you still need to get your seasonal merch orders in, here are the hot winter merch picks for 2024:

1) The Ugly Christmas Sweater & Apparel

Because Christmas in July isn’t complete without it, the Ugly Christmas Sweater is timeless. Not for the faint of heart, these sweaters are perfect for brands that embrace fun and stand out. So why be a Grinch when you can be the talk of the town by completing your clients’ and teams’ family Xmas photos with this staple? 

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2) Branded Blankets & Throws 

Winter is a fantastic excuse to put the social calendar on hold in favour of rugging up on the couch—the branded blanket or throw supports this notion. A great blanket and throw will offer luxury, comfort, and warmth while keeping your network snug in hibernation time. It’s hard to beat this pick when it comes to product real estate; its spacious surface is the ideal canvas for your brand.

Rug up: Good Things Blankets & Throws

3) Puffy Vests

Oversized outerwear is all the rage, and puffy vests are no exception. From work to a workout, the unisex Puffy Vest is well-loved for a reason. Its versatile and timeless nature makes it a staple for both inside and outside the office. Stylish and lightweight, it’ll keep your team warm and snug through the coldest nights while promoting your brand. The only thing missing from this classic product? Your branding. So stay nice and toasty this season with the Puffy Vest.

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4) Beanie & Knit Hats

Beanie & Knit Hats

These practical and popular winter accessories will consistently showcase your brand throughout nature’s slumber. Regardless of your target audience’s occupation, they won’t be wearing more than one hat in the business when they’ve got their mittens on this. Your customers will have warmth and comfort, while your brand has constant exposure—it’s a win-win. So get your brand noticed all season long with these quintessential winter accessories.

Get your head in the merch game: Good Things Beanies & Knit Hats

5) Sustainable Seasonal Choices  

We know we harp on about sustainability, but it’s for good reason. If your brand strives for sustainable choices, chances are your network does too. Opt for eco-friendly, brandable products like reusable water bottles, tote bags, and apparel made from recycled materials through the wintry months. Show that your brand cares about the planet with sustainable winter merch now.

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There you have it. Whether you’re looking for a stand-alone item or a winter merch bundle, these functional picks are sure to get your brand noticed. Let your brand shine no matter the weather. Need a hand? We’re here to help!


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